Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a good New Year. I spent new year's eve at home, because we celebrated it the night before. You can see bits of what I got up to here, at BB's bounteous blog. It looks like a less polished but more amusing episode of Friends (which wouldn't be difficult, as I've been to wakes more amusing than that pile of over-rated shite.) A good evening was had by all, even if I didn't agree that Superman Returns was the classic other people thought it was, and here's me thinking some people could have different opinions about films. (Hence the picture.)
New Year's day is always rubbish. It's always the day before I have to go back to work (It won't be that bad this year, as I'm not staying there long as I've got to do a book and stuff.) The Telly today is shit. Bloody Zulu again. Half a Fucking Sixpence. Shitty Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Same old shite, year after year.
Every year I make the same resolutions ie. Eat less pies and pack up the fags (cigarettes, if you're American) but I'm still a 20-a-day man, and I smoke like a chimney. So this year, I'm making some resolutions I can keep.
I resolve not to shave for at least three days.
I resolve to go to the toilet when I need to.
I resolve not to relinquish possession of the remote control.
I resolve not to say anything bad about Superman Returns, despite the fact that Kevin Spacey was crap as Luthor, Kate Bosworth was insipid as Lois Lane, and overall, the film was dull. Bollocks, I've broken that one already.
I hope you have more willpower than I in your resolutions. Have a great 2007!


Jemima said...

If the broadcasting on New Year's Day was scintillating and invigorating you'd only whinge that it was bad timing because you might miss it due to general hungoverness. On another New Year's Day. The unmitigated shite is in honour of all normal people being wrecked right now.

Clive_Evil_C said...

Can I steel your news year resolution about going to the toilet? I don't think I shitted and pissed enough last year.

bb said...

Sorry to hear you had trouble going to the toilet when you needed to last year. (What do you mean 'You've missed the point'?)

steve said...

not to shave for three days? now you're your own boss you can grow a big beard and go all weird and not go out ever. thats the dream...

mick said...

Jemima: You know me, I'd "only whinge", whatever the circumstances are.

Clive: Don't hold it in. You get bladdermentalness and chronic sphincter fatigue and worms and kidney stones and diabetes and flu. Or so my Mom says.

bb: I always 'miss the point' when I go to the bog. Our bathroom carpet is testament to the fact.

Steve: Is that what Bin Laden's doing then? Living the dream?