Friday, January 05, 2007

Return to real life.

This week has been weird. I went back to work the day after New year's day. It's been kind of strange, as I know I'm not there for much longer, and that makes every day seem like a fucking leap year. Every day drags like a seal's arse.
We have a new temp labourer at work, who has just arrived from somewhere in Africa. All of our temps are from abroad lately, which tells me that our own British wastes of space don't want to work, so we have to import them from aboard. We've had Iraqis, Czechs, Poles, Pakistanis and now this African geezer. I'm not sure which part of the continent he's from, but they fucked him off today, because he's weird and useless, so it doesn't really matter.
His name is John, and he has this habit of suddenly breaking into song for no reason. He's not just singing along to the shitty radio. He's singing African songs. Out loud. Which is unsettling, because it means he is enjoying himself.
Yesterday, I was putting my water bottle back into my locker after lunch, and, unbeknownst to me, John was right behind me, and , unexpectedly, started shouting ANC-type chants. It scared the living shit out of me. The last thing I need at the moment is a member of Ladysmith Black Mambazo with dreams of a solo career practicing down my earhole.
Anyway, they got rid of him today, because he was generally useless at his job, which is a shame, because he added a bit of interest to a dull day.
Anyway, my new job might be delayed a while, as they're having problems with the scriptwriter, so I may be stuck in my daymare a bit longer. I've been designing characters while I'm waiting, and the picture above is my interpretation of Mr. Rochester. I did do a Jane Eyre, but I took the book's description about her being a bit ugly a bit too literally, and the publisher didn't like it. He did like ol' Rochester, though, so it's not all bad news.


steve said...

i like your mr rochester too- he looks well hard. your page has gone a bit weird and highlights everything when you rollover it. have you been tinkering?

mick said...

I have been tinkering.I have a new banner. It doesn't highlight stuff on my screen when I roll over it, so that is weird.
Glad you like ol' 'Rocky' Rochester.

bb said...

I think your Rochester is pleasingly sinister (queue penis innuendo). And Jane is plain and unadorned not downright ugly. Just how many warts did your sketch give her? (queue std AND penis innuendo)

mick said...

I don't think I shall name my penis 'Rochester', not unless its eye gets burned. (I quite like 'Sketch' though- "Have you seen my Sketch?"; "The kids have scribbled all over my Sketch!"; "They've published my Sketch in the Beano!", etc.)
Jane wasn't 'downright ugly' but kind of 'ducky' looking. (Insert your own innuendo here.)

Jemima said...

Everyone's foreign somewhere.

mick said...

Except Jesus. And Father Christmas.