Friday, April 06, 2007

What's So Bloody Good About It?

Happy Easter. The time we remember the pain and suffering and violent death of Jesus as he sacrificed himself to save us by eating Creme Eggs. It looks like Easter Monday will be a nice day as well, not pissing down like every other Bank Holiday Monday.
I was out drinking until very late last night, it was a MC2 meeting, and then I bumped into some old schoolfriends of mine, one of which is a TV star! His name is Imran and you can currently see him in the Computeach advert where he plays a binman or summat who retrains as an IT expert. He's so good at IT but he still can't type.
A good evening was had, and was rounded off by a mad African man who kept shaking my hand in the taxi queue and warning me to stay away from women.
So I spent today recovering and watching what passes as entertainment these days. I watched Prince Of Egypt, an animated version of the Moses story, where the Hebrew slaves were so oppressed and brutalised by their Egyptian captors that they felt the need to burst into song. I watched three minutes of 102 Dalmatians, and hangover or not, I will not watch that shite. I ended up watching the best 25 TV cars or something on Sky, where they counted down the most memorable motors from the telly. I was incensed that the Batmobile only came fifth! Patrick Macnee said that 'you can't call a motor car sexy! Female genitalia, that's sexy!'
Why, Mister Steed, what an old perv you are! The General Lee won outright, which I think is pretty fair. Easter telly is shit. The 'Good' in 'Good Friday' obviously doesn't refer to the TV schedule.
In my other life as an artist, I've finally got a page done of Septic Isle; that's it at the top, there. I've also got to do a strip for the MC2 mini-comic which has got to be done by the end of the month, and I've had a couple of scripts sent me from the U.S. for a horror anthology. If these people knew I spend my days watching programmes about KITT and Bergerac's car instead of drawing I'd never get any work.


steve said...

the strip looks great, although you might have to put "starring ray winstone" on it, like those tv hits comics with minder in. happy chocolate egg day!

mick said...

Ray Winstone was the writer's idea!! Wasn't Look-In (I assume that's what you're referring to)great, though? The whole notion that there was a comic strip based on Minder is brilliant, but not as fucked up as the strip based on Bucks Fizz.

Andy Winter said...

Writers and artists have been sneaking famous people into their comics since forever. I first became aware of it when Chris Claremont and John Byrne based members of the Hellfire Club (in X-Men) on Robert Shaw, Donald Sutherland, Peter Wyngarde and Orson Welles in the late 70s.

Since then we've had Eminem in Wanted, Simon Pegg in The Boys and loads more I can't think of off the top of my head.

mick said...

Hi Andy!
I can also remember, off the top of my head, Road To Perdition in which the 'hero' looks remarkably like the actor Ben Chaplin, but later on he morphs into George Clooney. The film is much better, for once.
The Hero of Button Man, Harry Exton, in 2000ad looks remarkably like Mel Gibson. (This was before he was an anti-Semitic misogynist drunk driver.) The artist of that strip was Arthur Ranson, who started off doing Sapphire and Steel in Look-In, coincidentally enough. I think it's time to take my geek hat off!
PS. Page 2 is nearly done!

steve said...

i know arthur ranson's son. he always copied off photos, fair do's.

mick said...

Was this before or after he wrote Swallows And Amazons?