Monday, April 02, 2007

Bus Stop Incident #48

I finally have some evidence of my art being on show in the city centre! My friend who saw it took a picture with his phone, and through the magic of bluetooth and USB cable it's here on your screen. It's not a very good picture, but it'll do. I particularly like the bloke walking past showing no interest at all.

An update on my favourite bus stop in Digbeth. Today there was a man dressed like Hungerford spree killer Michael Ryan fast asleep on the pavement at the entrance to the bus shelter. He was snoring loudly, with a bottle of White Lightning not far from him. Because of the snoring, I assumed he was okay, but a sensible lady who was also at the bus stop phoned the police. A less than sensible old man kept trying to wake him up by hitting him with his walking stick, at one point trying using the stick to try and lever his head off the pavement, but he was sound asleep. I was especially touched by the way the man's hands were down his trousers. He probably assumed that at some point in the future, an old man was going to hit him with his walking stick, so he was just protecting his crown jewels. Isn't Digbeth High Street wonderful?


Pacian said...

Isn't Digbeth High Street wonderful?

If you were hit by a car and woke up there, you would think you were in heaven!

mick said...

If I were hit by a car there, I would think it were a)unlucky, as I always look both ways, and b)blessed relief from the horrible surroundings!

Good to hear from you, Pacian. I vaguely remember you telling me about Hitler's non-vegetarianism.