Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Badge of shame.

It was bad enough when Birmingham City got themselves promoted. I had to put up with a shitload of gloating from Bluenoses at work on Monday (they're obviously unaware that Villa will hand the Blues their arses next season). Then, today, Aston Villa unveil their new crest. It's horrendous. Except for the lettering, there's hardly any claret on there (seeing as that's our main colour, it seems a bit of an oversight not to include it.) and the once rampant lion now looks like a cat playing with a star-shaped ball of wool. The star apparently represents our European Cup win ( which has its 25th anniversary on May 26th).

Apparently, a design team came up with this after asking 'Villa fans all over the world' what they would want on the badge, and this is where it's flawed. In trying to please all Villans, they've ended up pleasing no-one. A crack team of designers came up with that? It looks like a page torn from the Cunt Coloring Book.

Why do they have to keep changing the crest anyway? What happened to tradition? All my Villa-licensed pint glasses and mugs are all now out of date, like my favourite old bath towel which has the old round crest on it. If the bright new future promised to us by Randy Lerner and Martin O'Neill is all about rebranding the team rather than actually improving the useless shower I've had to watch these last two seasons, then they can stick it.


steve said...

you know how whenever you moan about villa i say it could be worse, you could support leeds?
it could be worse, you could support leeds.

mick said...

Dennis Wise was right when he said he'd get Leeds out of that division, wasn't he?
you're right, moaning about our new multi-billionaire owner and our poxy new badge seems trivial compared to Leeds United's problems.
It's always a shame to see a once-big club disappear into the nether regions of the football league. Look at once top division mainstays Forest, Wednesday, Coventry and Southampton. But, as Greavsie used to say ad nauseam- "Give me another drink!"
Only joking, he always used to say "It's a funny old game".

Jemima said...

I think it is repulsive, repugnant and revolting.