Friday, July 20, 2007

Mindless Scribble.

Another update from the Bus Stop From Hell. It's the bus stop situated outside the 'Custard Factory', which is supposed to be an arts complex but these days resembles a collection of empty shops. I've told you before about the mystery graffiti artist who scrawls racist shite all over the bus stop, especially if the advert on the bus stop has a non-white face. In fact, he once defaced an advert for 'Magnum' ice cream by writing 'N*****R SPUNK' on it. It just had a picture of the ice cream on it. I think the cretin was offended by it being dark chocolate. Generally, though, he just scribbles shite like 'Fuck Islam' and draws swastikas on the windows. Anyway, this has made the idiots from the other side (of the race divide, I mean, not the afterlife) write their shite on and around the bus stop. For example : "In Muslim countries there are no homos or lesbians and therefore no AIDS" (Strange to see the word 'therefore' in graffiti) and 'IN YEARS TIME NO WHITES WILL SURVIVE' (of course, 'whites' has been scribbled out and the 'P' word put in, only to be scribbled out again and the original 'whites' put back on', only for that to be scribbled out, and so on)
Anyway, during this Great War of scribble between two idiot factions there is one message that's like the Christmas Day football match. In the middle of all this race hate is the legend: 'BILLIE PIPER WANKER' ,which is so fantastically nonsensical and irrelevant compared to the rest of the drivel written there that I have to smile every time I see it. I'm funny like that. What's not funny is the fact that these idiots who think like that are out there, and the multi-cultural fully integrated happy town that Brum sells itself as is a myth.


Jemima said...

and the answer you'd get from the council is that we can't legislate against ghostly hate mongers. they've always got some excuse or other.

DanProject76 said...

Well the Billie Piper bit is right so one point to the educationally subnormal.