Saturday, August 04, 2007


It's been a while since my last confession, sorry, blogpost, but I've been stuck away from a computer for most of the time, which is probably a good thing as it means I can get some proper work done. Since my last post I went to see Transformers with my nippers, which, even though I am of the right age and in many other ways I'm your typical geek, I had no interest in seeing.
(The whole Transformers craze passed me by as a kid, probably because for a lot of the eighties my dad was one of Thatcher's three million and the toys were so fucking expensive. When I moved house recently, I dug out some of my old 2000ADs from the early eighties, and some of them had adverts for the Optimus Prime playset, and that cost £25 back then! I remember one of my cousins, you know, the more affluent branch of the family tree, the uncle who got a VCR first, the first microwave, the first inside toilet (I'm joking! I've always had an inside lavatory really!) having an Optimus Prime and realising even then, at about eleven years old, what a waste of money it was.)
Anyway, my eldest wanted to see it, so we went, and even though I'm not a fan, it was enjoyable enough, despite the fact that during the fight scenes I couldn't tell what was going on at all. I just spent the time perving over the female lead of the movie, and being a typical dad. ("HOW much for Pick n' Mix?!!")

Saturday night I went drinking with my brothers, and I found out something about what Joan Collins does sexually that I can't repeat as it is totally unverified and probably legally actionable, but it seems to work for her. That's all I can say.

I got another page done this week, started the next one, and I seem to have got into a rhythm which is good. That's the thing with relationship break-ups and house-moving, it don't half bollocks up your schedule.

Went to a Midlands Comics Collective meeting on Wednesday, I told them I couldn't take part in the next anthology ("Ghosts") as I want to concentrate on Septic Isle, but I don't think my absence from the next book will be noted especially, as the rest of the guys are just so damn talented! At the meeting I also got some free comics from Hunt Emerson, including the American Splendor anthology for Vertigo he did a strip for, as well as a fantastic Robo-Hunter trade paperback. Ian Gibson is fantastic, always been a major fan of his stuff. Free comics are always good!

Yesterday, I attended the funeral of my ex's Granny, my kids' Great-Granny and it was a good service which went without a hitch, and as far as 'nice' can be said about funerals, this was a nice funeral. If she was looking down, I'm sure she would've appreciated it.

So, that was my week. It'll probably be another week or so until my next confession.


jamie said...

what does joan collins do?

mick said...

I can't say. It's more to do with what she won't do, as it hurries up the aging process, apparently.

Jemima said...

are we talking a concern over mouth wrinkles? that's all I'm getting.

cherry girl said...

I want to see Transformers too!! Cinemas are far too expensive - just the tickets, then refreshments not to mention bus fare *grumble grumble*

Eldest munchkin had a 'stomping' transformer for his birthday and it doesn't even transform!!! However I have been having fun with the transformers fm radio he got :)

Glad your getting more work on septic isle done :)