Friday, July 27, 2007

Finally, another page!!

Hiya. Finally got back into the groove of producing drawings this week, after three weeks of putting up curtain poles ,buying tellies, cleaning cookers, being dumped, and so on. Here is one of the results. It's the eighth page of Septic Isle, which is a splash page(For the thick, that's a page that consists of only one big panel) depicting our bad guy's flat/Hitler shrine.

The room I draw in (I'm loathe to call it a 'drawing room', as that implies a far posher abode than the one I'm currently residing in, and a bit more middle class than I'm used to) is my favourite room in the flat. It's got all my comics in there (well, the ones I haven't left at the Ex's, anyway) and a CD player and my drawing board. That's kinda all I need to be happy at the moment. Well, a girlfriend would be nice, but they tend to muck up my work ethic and complain. If I carry on at this rate, by the end of the year I'll have more ex's than a pools coupon!

Also, this week, the Birmingham council Arts Champion vans that I designed the livery for turned up in a local paper, but it was in black and white, and would probably scan really shittily, so take my word for it. The article never mentioned me anyway, just the boring good work the Arts Champions are doing with the young people of this city. Bah!!

(Not really. It's a good scheme and I'm proud to be associated with it. Being paid by them kinda helps, too!)

Anyway, enjoy the picture of a neo-nazi's council flat. Until the next time...


Pacian said...

No, no, no, complete rubbish. You should've told me what you were up to and I'd have let use my bedroom as a reference.

jamie said...

is that page eight that you've completed?
like,you've done eight pages so far for this project?

mick said...

Yes, Jamie, I've only done eight pages (well, nine, now, actually)that's not including the four page prologue that's now been discarded, or the five or six pages of character designs and a promo page. I know it's rubbish, but it will be done for the deadline. Even with me moving house and having other art jobs on the go, it will be done. Have faith!!

jamie said...

lol,no... that's not what i meant.
i've got a script from andy,for a next project and i haven't started at all.
i applaude your output!