Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ArtsFest '07.

I finally saw 'in the flesh' so to speak, those vans that has my artwork on their arses, at this year's Birmingham ArtsFest. Keen to take a photo, I asked the lady in the van (it was a display van, so it had a desk and stuff in the back of it) if it was okay, as sometimes people can be funny about it, and there is copyright infringements and stuff to worry about (saying that though, I've just realised that I actually do own the copyright to those images!). She told me that "she wasn't in charge, Liz, who is in charge has just gone for a wee and she'll be back in five minutes. You could ask the guy in the other van, he might be in charge. Great artwork, by the way, I love it!"
Thanks for that. So I go into the next van, and ask the bloke sitting there if it's alright to take photos. "I don't give a shit. I'm just the driver!"

What I saw of ArtsFest this year was quite good, less wanky than last year, and actually had some popular art, such as rock concerts and stand-up comedy among the beardy crystal juggling and cacky performance art that these things usually have.

Its only bad point was having Jasper Carrott having his induction in Brum's 'Walk Of Fame' in the middle of it all. I've never been a big fan of his. Probably because he supports the scum Birmingham shitty football team, and he seems to have been doing the same routines for the last thirty years. While we're on the subject of football, normal service (after our win over Chelsea, and Gareth Barry's heroics for England) was resumed at Aston Villa, when we lost 1-0 to Manchester City. Like I've said before, supporting the Villa is crap most of the time.


Chris said...

Hi. Came across your blog on a random Villa search. I reckon supporting the Villa is pretty poor today too, I was at White Hart Lane and it was just embarrassing.

By the way, don't let Carrott ruin your moment. I expect you'll be producing different stuff in 20 years, he'll just be wheeling out the same old shite clip shows in a different format. Up the Villa!

mick said...

Hi Chris. Welcome to the fold!

Yeah, last night's match was seriously gutting. What was Harewood thinking, the big pillock?!

Oh, and thanks on your faith in my long-term creative output! I don't think Birmingham Council will be giving me a paving stone at any time ever. Not that I want all the pissed-up wankers on Broad Street marching all over my name anyway!