Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Batmen on drugs.

Because of the overwhelming response to the film on my last post (all of no comments! Yay! still got it!), I've been digging around YouTube and found some more versions of the 21st Century classic that's called 'Batman On Drugs'. Basically, it takes a clip from the old '6os Batman TV show (the one where he does the 'Batusi' in a Gotham Discotheque!) loops it and adds a song that I don't know the name of, but it makes me smile and it is extremely catchy, although singing it out loud makes you sound like a mental.

Anyway, here's the version I posted last time, just to refresh your jaded minds:

Here is the fantastic Heavy Metal version of the same song:

And here is the Batman Begins update, starring Christian Bale, that welsh bloke with the weird jaw thing that my friend quite fancies...

Thanks for indulging me. Back soon-Same bat-time, same bat-blog!


jamie said...

the song is called 'sharkaroun...'
or something.

Claire said...

Call me biased, but I think most people's jaw area looks quite strange when wearing a bat mask!

(This is the link to your friend's new blog, by the way...)

mick said...

Jamie: Thanks for that, I shall hunt down the lyrics and learn it properly for the next karaoke event I'm roped into...

Claire:You ARE biased! It's not the look of the jaw, it's how Bale uses it when he talks. He appears to be in the first stages of choking every time he talks. Maybe it's just me.

Generally though, the cowl didn't make the jaws of Lewis Wilson (How geeky am I? Knowing the name of the guy who played Batman in the old serials. Another geeky fact-his son is Michael G. Wilson, the head honcho/producer/sometimes writer/sometimes cameo star of the Bond movies),Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer or George Clooney look strange, did it? Those Scumacher films did make the whole Batman film franchise look decidedly ropey, though.

I shall check out the link forthwith!