Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jose Who?

I'm still smiling (I know it's strange) from the brilliant result the mighty Aston Villa got against Chelsea on Sunday. The cheating Cockney bastards got stuffed 2-0! First time they've been beaten in seven months! Our mostly British team beat the team of expensive foreigners! Both goals scored by lifelong Villa-supporting Brummies as well!
Drogba, who is up for a BAFTA for his performance as 'man who has just been elbowed in the face' even though there was no contact at all, ironically REALLY did get injured and had to be helped off at the end. Serves the cheating bastard right. He is one of the best strikers in the world at the moment, and it saddens me that players of his calibre have to resort to play-acting. The same goes for that Ronaldo at Man Utd.
After the match, a bloke came into the pub covered in blood, telling someone on his mobile that he'd been jumped by three Chelsea supporters (it was probably only two, really) but, like he said 'at least we beat the cunts'. If he'd worn a claret shirt instead of a white one, the blood wouldn't have shown up anyway.
Being a Villa supporter is very hard work sometimes, but every now and again they do something that makes it all worthwhile, and Sunday was one of those times. When the second goal went in I was so happy it took me at least twenty minutes to get back to my natural 'slightly pissed off' state.
Also priceless was this moment, which happened straight after Gabby scored:

The way Doug Ellis is laughing at Abramovich almost made me like him again.


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