Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's Been a While!

How do. I know it's been a while since my last post, but I've been busy, ain't I?! Anyway, I'll tell those of you still with me what I've been up to.
Firstly, my brother Marc's wedding went brilliantly, and kinda weird as it's probably the first properly grown-up thing any of us have done! Also weird was seeing my mom and dad in the same room for the first time in what must be at least twelve years. And not scratching or biting each other. Or swearing. Or breaking furniture. Like I said, weird. Also weird was the photographer. I won't tell you why, just imagine! My other brother, Matthew (notice the 'M' motif with our names? Clever, eh? Not so clever when the post used to arrive with just 'M. Trimble' on it. I think our Dad planned it years in advance just so he could 'accidentally' read our mail! Only joking...) who was Best Man (I, apparently, was Head Usher, as I am so brilliant at ushing. One of my duties was walking the bride's mother down the aisle, a ritual I've never heard of or seen before) where was I? Oh yes, anyway, Matthew. He brought a piece of paper along that he thought was his speech, but it turned out to be the paperwork from the hotel we stayed at the week before in Cardiff. He had to make his speech unaided, and he nailed it. It was a brilliant speech, but that doesn't surprise me as he's always had the gift of the gab, the silver-tongued little git. All of us Trimbles have the talent for talking endless bollocks. Anyway, the couple looked great (If you're reading this, Marc, this is the only compliment you're getting out of me!) the weather was lovely and a good time was had by (mostly) all. I can't wait til Marc's next wedding!

Other stuff that has happened in the last couple of weeks: I've found out I'm allergic to my friends' cat, despite having no other allergies in my life before. Having a swollen face, itchy eyes and a runny nose is really horrible. Now I know why I'm a dog person.

I've been to see Nine Inch Nails (absolutely awesome) and Chris Cornell (good, but not awesome, and no support act either-boo!) in the last couple of weeks. Both were in the Carling Academy Birmingham which really is a terrible venue. Trent Reznor of NIN criticised it on stage calling it 'a shitty club'. He should've seen it when it was the Hummingbird all those years ago.

Also, a young lady and I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum, which is an excellent movie, but a couple of things bug me about it. One is the fact that he seems to have an endless supply of money. With the CIA watching his every move, he can't really have a bank account, nor does he seem to have a job or any income, but if he wants to fly to Moscow, or New York, or get a boat to Tangier, or get the train to Waterloo, he has no trouble paying for it. The other thing was he bought a mobile phone from Carphone Warehouse which was seemingly fully charged when it was taken out of the box. But then, The Bourne waiting for two hours while his mobile charges up is less of a catchy title, I suppose. It's worth watching for the way Bourne uses a hardback book during a fight. Made me wince, anyway.

And finally, today was the day my youngest daughter started secondary school, and she looked very smart in her new uniform. She looked all grown up yet small (if you know what I mean) and I hope she does alright. Man, I feel old. And skint, after forking out for all the ephemera that kids need for school these days.

I'm sure there's loads of other stuff I wanted to tell you about, but I can't remember it right now, and you're probably not interested anyway, I was going to make a flippant comment about a washed-up has been pop star, but I get loads of comments telling me off when I do that, so I won't. See you soon.

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