Sunday, November 04, 2007

Slightly animated.

I'm getting really annoyed with my scanner. It just won't work with this new computer of mine, and it's pissing me off mightily.It's pissing me off, because I've got loads of new art I want to show you lot, I need to burn a lot of pages onto discs, and I've got a nice new paying gig in the New Year and my scanner will be most useful.
That's right, a paying gig!! Many months ago, I did a strip for the Jonas Moore people (a comic strip, I must add. Me taking my clothes off will not impress anybody, especially potential employers) and they want to do animations based on my drawings. It was mentioned to me before, but I heard nothing further and thought I'd heard the last of it, but no. They want me to be a creature designer for the next set of animations. This is cool. The Jonas Moore stuff is interesting, giving comics a bit of a kick up the arse, and it's great to be involved in it.


cherry girl said...

That Jonas Moore stuff sounds really exciting!! Hope you get your scanner sorted out soon.

Mick said...

Thanks, Denise. I've just this minute got the thing to work! Huzzah!!

Andy Winter said...

Congrats on the Jonas Moore work, Mick. That's great news.