Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Curry?

I'm not a fan of this imported Yank tradition of having kids going around to strangers' houses and asking for sweets. I was told to do the opposite when I was a nipper. So I went round to friends' houses and didn't ask for sweets. Some people like it, however, so, I'd thought I'd show you this excellent video. it was sent to me by my friend Laura, who has a great love of all things cheesy and naff. Probably why she now works for the Beano. Only kidding, Beano fans (and Laura)!

Anyway, watch this video, It's hallowe'en themed, and it's got Tim Curry in it, and some of the shittest as-long-as-it-rhymes lyrics and video effects I've ever experienced, which makes it head-shakingly great.

A toad in a bass guitar? It's better than a video? Has anybody seen my tambourine? What the devil is he on about?!!

Happy hallowe'en from me, anyway, if you're bothered.


jamie said...

what in the name of sweet jesus is that fat has-been going on about?
he was in rocky horror,you know.
and congo.

Mick said...

I don't think he's made a decent movie since Legend, and that was probably Ridley Scott's worst movie. Oh, hang on, there's G.I. Jane!

Legend was crap, but he was the best thing in it, is what I meant to say. Probably because he doesn't sing about your 'dentist turning into a queen' or some other bollocks.

jamie said...

do you know what that clip was from?
i had a girlfriend once who worshipped tim curry,

Hunter McEvoy said...

I'm an angry fan of both Cliff Richard and Tim Curry! Desist in soiling the twin pillars of my faith!

Just kidding. Hi Mick, by the way. Thought I'd post a comment to say that you might want to update your Bloglist, because we've moved the Fractal Hall blog to www.fractalhall.com/blog.


Mick said...

Hi Jamie. I've done some digging, and apparently, the clip is from a U.S. TV version of The Worst Witch from 1986.

Laura Howell said...

My pleasure Mick, and I'll overlook that Beano comment just this once...

It is indeed from The Worst Witch, which I have on DVD and can confirm is in fact the Worst Thing Ever. If you can't bear to watch it in its entirety - although I'm very happy to lend it to you - there's a splendid review of it on this site here. I've just linked to the Curry page though, for comedy effect.


Mick said...

Hi Laura. How long have you been lurking there?
I did say I was only kidding about the Beano!
I don't think I want to see the rest of The Worst Witch, you describing it as 'The Worst Thing Ever' kinda puts me off. (Begs the question, though, if it really is truly execrable, why do you own a copy of it?!) Also, I'm put off by the fact that when I was at junior school, all the girls were reading the book (which makes me think of it as girly- that's bound to turn me against it; see my post on Bunty.) while us lads were reading proper boys' stuff like Shoot!

That review was good, but the spelling was atrocious (I do hope I've typed that correctly!)