Friday, November 30, 2007

Too Much To Bear.

This Teddy is insulting Jesus! Let's behead it!!

I think it's absolutely right that Gillian Gibbons, that teacher in the Sudan (It's one of those rare areas with 'the' in front of it, like the Gambia or the Hague. We should have it here, 'The Birmingham' sounds ace! Although, I've just thought of a drawback; It's already the first two words of our two main local papers, asking for 'The The Birmingham Mail' might make you sound like Gareth Gates in the days before he had the speech therapy.) should be found guilty of insulting Islam. She named a teddy bear after Mohammed, and when you think about it, the other most famous bear in the world was called Pooh. So she's calling Mohammed 'Pooh'! And Pooh hung around with a pig! It's an outrage! I can perfectly understand why those people want her to be executed.

Actually, I think it's an absolute travesty that this poor woman is being put through this ridiculous ordeal. It's time these people moved out of the seventh century and joined the rest of us living in the actual real world, where most people would be quite pleased to have a teddy bear named after them, as it's a sign of endearment, not an insult. (Although, the thought of a bear called 'Mick Trimble' might actually frighten the more sensitive child.) Does this mean that anything called 'Mohammed' is an insult? That all those millions of people who have named their sons Mohammed have also insulted the prophet? I could understand it if it was a soft toy of an unsavoury animal, like a snake, or a rat, or a pig, or an alien facehugger (My youngest daughter has a facehugger plush. Yes, it is weird, but she loves it!It's got it's own velcro egg and everything!) It's not as if Gillian Gibbons even named it! Her class are the actual guilty party, yet no-one's demonstrating saying they should whip, or even execute them, are they? Maybe that's because they're not from the decadent West, but it's okay to be our friends whenever there's a famine and they need our help, but if we give a fucking stuffed toy the wrong name- well, we've just stepped over the line!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all Muslims are mental superstitious, bloodthirsty headcases. The ones I know certainly aren't. (Well, one might be...) Muslims in this country are trying to shake off the 'They're all terrorists' tag that the Daily Mail and other stupid people label them with. Muslims say that Islam is a tolerant, peaceful religion, and I'm sure that, for the most part, this is true. But this kind of thing happens and knocks their cause back to square one. They should be angrier than anyone that these backward, stupid idiots are willing to spill blood over a teddy bear. For fuck's sake.

Justice has been done! Result! Praise The Lord!!


Emma in Canada said...

It's quite appalling really that there's even a suggestion of this woman getting in any sort of trouble let alone killed for this.

Mick said...

Hi Emma. To be fair, the authorities have decided just to imprison her, rather than use any capital or corporal punishment. It's the idiots protesting outside who want her shot. But you're right, it is appalling.

Welcome to the fold, anyway, Emma. I reckon Canada is the furthest place I've had a comment from! I see you're an Aston Villa fan as well! Yay!

Madeley said...

I am totally referring to Brum as The Birmingham from now on, even if it sounds slightly like a gastro-pub.

I will also be purchasing a facehugger plush in The Bristol next May, and could well be naming it Mohammed Pooh.

Thinking about it, if you don't want teddy bears named after the Prophet, then maybe you shouldn't be making such a fuss about it. Now we're not going to be able to move for all the humourless sharpshites (i.e. me, see above) attempting satire.