Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We're getting Randy.

The once mighty Aston Villa are now owned by the man who also owns the MBNA credit card group. His name is Randy Lerner. (I've said (typed) this before, but every post is read by someone new!) It sounds like the name of student doctor from a Carry On Matron film.
Every time you pay your credit card bill, you are helping to fill Villa's war chest, so we can sign top quality players. Is there that special something you've got your eye on? An LCD telly? An iPod video? A Thai bride/bridegroom/both?
Go on! Stick it on the card! Your debt-ridden misery will be greatly appreciated by us Villains.

TaRa Deadly Doug! Mr. Ellis was probably the third most hated man in Birmingham, behind Enoch Powell and Robert Kilroy-Silk, well, by the claret-and-blue half, anyway. The local paper, the imaginatively titled Birmingham Mail, has for years reiterated its desire for the man to step down as Villa Chairman. Today, the turncoat, two-faced, trite twats published an 8-page special pullout : Villa: The Ellis Years. Kissing the old bastard's arse, painting his 38 year reign (on and off) as a good old laugh. The best bits of the last 38 years was when he wasn't in charge and we won the the League Championship and the European Cup!
Anyway, hopefully, the deal will go through, and the sleeping giant will wake up, scratch his balls, go for a piss, brush his teeth, have a wash and a shave, comb his hair, get dressed, comb his hair again, because putting his jumper on messed it all up, go downstairs, have his cornflakes and tea, and then go out and win some stuff.


Jemima said...

Is there any point in reminding you Mr Lerner sold MBNA, so all our purchases and payments to this company will just irritate him and make him wish he hadn't sold up, so ultimately the entire structure of this rant is unsound? Is there any point? No, ok I'll keep my mouth shut.

Damn my fingers, typing things I wouldn't say.

mick said...

I knew all along about our Randy selling MBNA (or mubnah. It's like Yahweh.).
You'll have to go with me if this is going to work.

Clive_Evil_C said...

Oh I'll sign up for a credit card right away.

Oh wait I'm not a brummie.

mick said...

Brummieness is not a requirement. Get one, spend 'til you're knackered, we need some decent strikers!

Note to JvS: Randy did sell MBNA, but he is still chairman of the company.