Friday, September 29, 2006


In what seems to be a bit of audacious casting, Robert Downey Jr. has been cast as industrialist inventor Tony Stark in the upcoming Iron Man movie. Casting an ex-everything-addict as the alcoholic Iron Man is either extremely brilliant or extremely risky. I just hope they put cold tea in the decanters and not real whisky. Downey is a great actor, though. That's if they mention the alcoholism at all in the flick. I've got high hopes for this film: It's the first one Marvel have funded themselves, and it's directed by Jon Favreau, who has previous-he played Foggy Nelson in Daredevil. I've been let down before, though.

Totally unrelated: In the comments for my last post, there was atiny debate concerning Sir Roger Moore's talents and suitability in the role of James Bond 007. I will conclusively prove that Connery was best. Watch his "gunbarrel" sequence from Diamonds Are Forever:

Now watch Moore from Moonraker:

Point proved.


jonni said...

this is the sound I just made -

Ha ha ha haha ha haha ha hahaahah ha ha ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahahahh ahahahah hahah ahahah ah h ah ahahahahahahah h ah ahah ah ah ah aha hah ah ah ahah aha ha h aha hah!

Nice one mate - have a(nother) good weekend!

steve said...

i'm not especially bothered about this debate by the way, i can take or leave all james bond. i just like the fashions in live and let die- connery couldnt get away with sharp flares i reckon, and i like it when they call him "honky" loads.

mick said...

Jonni-you have a good 'un, as well.

Steve-You're right. Roger has a nice line in flared tuxedos, and in Live And Let Die, he has a powder-blue flared safari suit that he wears with a vest- fantastic. I do love the word 'honky'; it is a term of abuse that just says '70's'!