Friday, March 30, 2007

Bristol Bound Birmingham Champion.

Yesterday I booked my hotel room for the Bristol Comic Convention, and the Midlands Comics Collective (which I'm a part of) has been given a free table! So I'm going to Bristol, to flog the MC2 anthology.
There is a catch, though. I may be roped into doing a cartooning workshop with local kids with Kev F. Sutherland (Who I've met a couple of times before through the StripSearch scheme I was part of. He complimented me by saying I had a great name. He then spoiled it by asking me if I was related to Ulster unionist David Trimble. He is the current artist for the Bash Street Kids in The Beano, but he was one of the original artists on Oink!,which was a great kid's comic, and he's also a stand-up comedian and compere [he introduced Stephen Merchant and Graham Norton to british audiences]and organised the first few Bristol conventions. It could be a good laugh.) Trouble is, this takes part on the Sunday morning of the convention, so this follows the Saturday night of the convention. Anyone who's been to the con for the weekend knows that the Saturday night involves drinking Herculean amounts of alcohol and subsequently going to bed very late indeed, if at all. If I am awake at all by the time this workshop takes place, I'm not going to be recognisably human. I'll have the voice of a Dalek and the eyes of a particularly bloodshot zombie.

This is the first time in a few years that I'm going to the convention on my own, and this will be weird. I might need somebody to hold my hand. If any young lady wants to accompany me, please email me photos (preferably topless!).
I shall stop being horrendously sexist by about 8 o'clock tomorrow.
(Sexist or not, topless photos are always welcome.)

In other news, Birmingham City Council launched their Arts Champions scheme on Thursday. Victoria Square (which is where Brum's Town Hall and Council House are, as well as the statue/fountain locally known as the 'floozie in the jacuzzi' or, if you're from an Irish family, like me, the 'hooer in the sewer') was festooned with banners which had my artwork on, as well as similarly decorated mobile display units. I only know this as an old friend of mine, who works at the Council House (he never gets me any extra bin bags, though) texted me to tell me that he saw the display and was bragging that he knew the artist to all his colleagues. Fame at last! If only there were council-backed art groupies!
It was nice of the Arts Team to tell me they were launching it, wasn't it?
I missed it completely, and I'm slightly pissed off about it. Saying that though, I'm slightly pissed off about most things.


Becoming Amethyst said...

But 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi' IS the Irish nickname for 'The River'~ sharing nicknames with the Dublin 'Anna Livia' public statue.

And bummer about the Arts Champion launch, apparently I know the artist too. He can tend towards a rather lurid sexism though...

mick said...

So the topless photo's not coming, then?!
(Apparently my deadline to stop being sexist has been extended.)
The Anna Livia statue is referred to as the 'hooer in the sewer', as well, apparently. So it's our Irish community that gives us our colloquial names for our cacky public statues, is it?
Them pesky Oirish, giving all statues the same names! It's a good job that the tour guides in Florence aren't Irish-"If you look over to your right we can see Michelangelo's 'Hooer In The Sewer!'"

I didn't even know that the fountain in Victoria Square was called 'The River'. I've only lived here all my life! You are a fountain of knowledge about fountains, Beebs.

Jemima said...

It's not, is it?

So long as no one's calling Anna Livia Elephant a hooer!