Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Frogile.*

Had to share this. You all probably know that I'm a big fan of American pop/skiffle combo Nine Inch Nails. I've just seen this awesome cover of Hurt on YouTube. It's far more poignant than Johnny Cash's rendition.

* It's a shit NIN/muppet pun, I know. Here's some more:
Piggy Hate Machine
Big Man With a Gonzo
The Day The Waldorf Went Away
With Dr. Teeth
March Of The Piggies
Help Me I Am In Henson (Struggling...)
Animal That Could Have Been (really struggling...)
Happiness in Puppetry (I'm going to stop now.)


Becoming Amethyst said...

Oh Kermy ~ what an evil vom shot! One margarita too many I fear...

mick said...

We've all been there. Me more than most.

cherry girl said...

Thanks for sharing :)

mick said...

Glad you liked it, Cherry Girl. If I find any more films of puppets puking,wanking, or taking drugs I'll email them straight to you.

Actually, just rent out Peter Jackson's Meet The Feebles, that will meet your needs.