Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pow! Biff! Part7.

The very occassional series that shows you comics panels that are funny in hindsight returns!! These are doing the rounds on some other blogs, along with the classic "Captain America! I order you to--WANK!" panel that I found on my own ages ago. It's probably why Cap didn't see that sniper last month. It'll make you go blind!

Anyway, all of these have a link with erections. Here goes:

In other non-erection related news, I now have a page on ComicSpace, so pop along and have a look. This is a great site. One strip of mine, Why Can't I be You? has had 238 views since it went up on Sunday, not bad when you consider that my Flickr page has had 114 views in about a year. Also, that mega-secret 'Werewolves vs. Cavemen' strip I did was picked to be part of a big multimedia launch involving a magazine, a computer game, the internet, and a British film star. More about that when it is actually launched, in about three weeks time.

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