Friday, March 09, 2007

Ignoring A Cameraman.

On the first Thursday of every month, the members of the Midlands Comics Collective (or MC2) meet up to discuss our next joint project and also show each other what we're working on individually.

Normally, only a few of us (myself included) show up every month, but an e-mail went around earlier in the week that told us all that one of our members, Asia Alfasi (who is a genuine rising star in the comics world, and is having a graphic novel published by a proper book publisher, Penguin or Bloomsbury or someone, I can't remember which), was going to be accompanied by a cameraman making a film for the BBC. Subsequently, loads of people showed up, like those churches you see on Songs Of Praise that are bursting at the seams, but you know that the week before, that same church had a congregation that numbered at about seven. And one of them was only in there because it was pissing down outside. The fact that we're all going to get our fizzogs on the shit-pump was a powerful incentive to actually turn up.

Apparently, the Beeb is making a film about four prominent Muslim women, and Asia is one of them. Muslim comic artists are thin on the ground, and Asia being female puts her in a field of about one. She's doing well, and fair play to her.

Anyway, we all met up in Costa's coffee, on the bottom floor of the Bullring, and this bloke shows up with a camera. We're all supposed to ignore the cameraman and act naturally, but considering the cameraman isn't supposed to be noticeable, he's drawing attention to himself by standing on chairs or shoving a lens in your mush. The other patrons of the coffee shop are watching and wondering what the fuck is going on, but not actually asking anyone, in a typical Brummie kind of way. Also typically Brummie was the fact that the cameraman was stopped three times by three different security guards in a generally brusque tone of voice. A show of an official permit and we were back on. What wasn't typically Brummie was the fact that no-one attacked him and pinched his camera.

So, it'll be on BBC2 in the next few months, so look out for me. I'm the chubby fucker who is swearing profusely in the background with a Silver Surfer T-shirt on. It looks like this will actually be broadcast, unlike the last time we were filmed by the BBC. I think I should be on the telly more, can't be any worse that the shit that's on lately. I mean, Dancing On Ice? For fuck's sake!


DanProject76 said...

If you thought Dancing On Ice was bad, wait until that programme where Julian Clary teaches celebrities how to look after dogs begins. Yes, really.

I am sure you will tell us when your moment of fame is being transmitted, right?

mick said...

Will that Clary/dog show have a phone vote where the losing dog is put down? THAT I'd watch.

Phone votes are passé now, though, aren't they? The TV company has probably already decided which dog is to be executed before they open the phone lines.

I'll let everyone know when my TV appearance is on, but I reckon the one-and-a-half hours filming will be whittled down to about three minutes. Stardom will have to wait, I think.