Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Meet Marley.

This is a preliminary sketch of the 'hero' , Jacob Marley, of the Septic Isle book. The writer thinks it's 'just about perfect', so, apparently, I can draw again! I got my mojo back!
Before you ask, he is deliberately named after the first ghost of A Christmas Carol.
It's only pencil at the moment, but I might ink it for some publicity stuff, or put other elements in around it, as I think it's quite a striking image. For me, anyway.
Marley is based, quite heavily, on Ray Winstone. It's what the writer wanted, so I've spent the last couple of days looking up Ray on google images for reference, and some of the websites I've been to are worrying, frankly. Some people fancy him, and post pictures of him in various states of undress on their sites. I don't think it's right to look at Ray's arse. The things I do for my art!
Also, Marley may look like Ray Winstone, but he has eyebrows. It's something I've not noticed this before, but Ray doesn't have prominent eyebrows-ones that don't show up properly in photos, anyway.
I'll post some more sketches up as I do them, if you're interested. Hopefully, the book will be out by October.

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Jemima said...

Hello Marley.

Of course you can draw, don't be silly, it's other people being out of touch with what's important that causes problems.