Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hear Him Roar!!

I don't know if I've declared my love (not in a gay way, of course) for the Yeti that is Brian Blessed before. He is a lunatic. His performance in Flash Gordon should've got an Oscar, yet the blinkered Academy didn't even nominate the powerhouse performance as Voltan. He is a true British eccentric, in the best possible sense. Found this on the internet today and felt the need to share:

Also, people who try to do Brian Blessed impressions always get it wrong by shouting 'GORDON'S ALIVE!!' it's probably the one thing he doesn't shout. I'm surprised that when he went up Everest he didn't come back down again riding in a shout-instigated avalanche. Anyway, this is how it's done.

This is Sir Brian in his day job as a traffic warden:

And here he is as a snooker commentator:

He is a national treasure and should be knighted forthwith. We knight tossers like Cliff Richard instead, a bloke who made a wet day at Wimbledon even worse!


Angie said...

I don't see anything wrong with Cliff Richard or anything wrong with knighting him either. He was knighted for his charity work. And he is not a tosser! He is a decent good moral and Christian man!

mick said...

I hope this comment was ironic! If not,you're entitled to your opinion, Angie,(welcome to the fold, by the way!) as I'm entitled to mine. Let's just say I'm not a fan of Sir Cliff, and saying stuff like he's a good Christian isn't going to warm him to me either. I'm sure he does do lots of charity work, but he offsets that by making utter bilge like The Millenium Prayer and Congratulations! And someone who is a self-confessed celibate has to be a tosser, it's only natural.

Angie said...

I am celibate and I am not a tosser. I don't belive in immoral things or doing anything unless I am married. Congratulations and Millenium Prayer may not be all that great songs but Cliff has a lot of songs that I like. And maybe there are some people who don't study sex all the time. I don't. Unless you are in love and married and are using it in the right way it should be used as it is sacred and should be between 2 people who love and care fo reach other and are married. That is what I believe.

Angie said...

and care for each other is what I meant to say in the above post.

mick said...

Let's just agree to differ, Angie, as nothing anyone says is going to convert me to liking Sir Cliff, and anyway, it was just a throwaway comment, I could've wrote 'we knight tossers like Mick Jagger' instead, as I'm not a fan of ol' rubber lips either. And he's been shagging around like there's no tomorrow!

Jessi said...

Maybe Cliff would not like some people himself only he would be too gentlemanly to say anything about it.