Friday, October 26, 2007

Sorry, Sir.

Back in July, in this post, I regrettably made a flippant comment about the'Peter Pan of Pop' and got a few comments from irate Cliffites who had nothing better to do than stick 'Sir Cliff' into Google and have a go at the first person they saw having a moan about him. I wouldn't mind, but the post was about shouting Everest-climbing yeti hawkman Brian Blessed! Gordon's Alive! Anyway, I'm sorry for any distress caused to deluded menopausal women with a fixation on a man who isn't remotely interested in pleasures of the flesh. Apparently.

Anyway, I shall atone for my sins by embedding this video, which shows me the error of my ways:

And that Madonna's a horrible gap-toothed slag with man's arms!
(That may seem totally irrelevant, but I want to do a future post with a similar video so I can use my 'Embed with Madonna' joke that won't fit in anywhere else but Blogger or Facebook.)


Andy Winter said...

That's brilliant - it sounds like Victor Lewis Smith.

DanProject76 said...

What is it? I love it!

He is shit though, the teste-faced old virgin/gay/delete as appropriate.

Mick said...

Apparently, although it does indeed sound like Victor Lewis-Smith, it's by someone called Dwight Trash.

Howard said...

It is Howard - I've been trying to get hold of you urgently about The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore - but your email keeps bouncing?

What's the best email.


Mick said...
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