Thursday, February 21, 2008

Buy this blog a cake!

Well, it's been two years since I started keeping a blog, with this as my very first post. It's been a very up and down two years, (mostly downs, probably, but I would say that, being both a Brummie and a pessimistic old git!) but the fact that my witless prose (213 posts and counting...)is read and enjoyed by some people is a gratifying one. Thanks to all my readers that have left comments, they've been, for the most part, amusing, supportive and complimentary, (except for those nasty ones from those menopausal celibates who moaned at me for having a go at Sir Cliff; They're entitled to their opinion, but apparently, I wasn't entitled to mine! It was only a little sly dig as well! Imagine what the response would've been if I'd actually said something really bad about the bloke. Like my opinion of his 'music'.) and thanks to those regular readers who lurk about but don't say anything. Make yourself known! Share the love!
Anyway, this blog is now two years old (well, tomorrow it is, anyway, but I'll be busy tomorrow banging my head at a gig. It's about time they put higher ceilings in at the Academy!) and like any two year old, it occasionally craps itself, but it's still full of unfulfilled potential. Any blog birthday cakes will be gratefully received.



Madeley said...

Looks like it's a week of celebration all round. Two years. That's nice going.

Mick said...

Cheers mate!

Andy Winter said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Mick's blog,
Happy Birthday to you!

jamie said...

how about some more septic isle arty goodness?

-here's to the next two!

Mick said...

Where's my cake? I want my cake!! (I'm sounding like the zombie dad from Creepshow!)

Thanks for the song, and the nice words, and I'll post some more Septic stuff soon.