Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Frankenstein, Dracula and a Crocodile?!

I had to laugh at the newspaper today. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a monarchist at all. There's this inquest happening at the moment, which has cost upwards of £10 million pounds, just to rule that Lady Di died becaused she was being driven by a pissed up bloke at high speeds and forgetting to clunk click. What a waste of money. Or so I thought, but new evidence has come to light from Mr. Al Fayed that Prince Phillip's real surname is 'Frankenstein', he's a Nazi and a racist (those two do tend to go together, Mr Al Fayed) and this mockery of man stitched together from cadavers* and wearing an SS uniform was head of a conspiracy (that included the secret service, Tony Blair, and Di's own sister!) to kill the Princess Of Hearts, just so his son could bring a crocodile he was shagging into the folds of the 'Dracula' family that is currently ruling Great Britain and the Commonwealth.
I don't know about you, but that sounds reasonable to me. He's never going to get that British passport now. And Fulham are going down. That's probably the Duke Of Edinburgh's fault as well. Scheming Nazi Undead racist bastard!
*I know Frankenstein was the scientist and not the monster. Just thought I'd get that in before some smartarse does.
Oh, and the picture is from a series of strips I did for the 'newspaper strip'-type anthology Lost Property called The Adventures Of Prince Phillip. Check it out if you can!


jamie said...

just goes to show how ahead of his time garth ennis was with those hellblazer stories.

Mick said...

That's because he's Garth Ennis!

And maybe there's something in David Icke's 'Royal family are all really 9ft tall blood-drinking reptiles' outbursts. It would explain Charlie's sexual obsession with a crocodile.